21:41 2020年12月05日
「the firm will profit from the spread between the price quoted to traders and the price at which the underlying trade is actually settled.」
Uber Co-Founder, E*Trade Vet Launch Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Trading Platform via @cryptocoinsnews
Mastercard CEO Attacks Cryptocurrencies Again, Branding them ‘Junk’ via @cryptocoinsnews
「bitcoin did not provide the safety against manipulation as an asset class and the technology did not provide adequate tools for preventing fraud and money laundering.」
Crypto ETF Rejection Sends Bitcoin Price Below $8,000 via @cryptocoinsnews
「 the CAAT tool into our Blockchain Analyzer portfolio to develop one of the industry’s broadest sets of technology and process services in tax and assurance」
‘Big Four’ Firm EY Acquires Crypto-Assets Tax Tool to Audit Blockchains via @cryptocoinsnews
「the usage of digital payment mechanisms as the country prepares.」「the latter could serve as a means of generating tax」
Indian Law Commission Recognizes Cryptocurrency as an ‘Electronic Payment’: Report via @cryptocoinsnews
「there is always the risk of these kill switches being stolen or exploited by malicious third parties.」ここです
No Escape: Augur Burns Key to Network ‘Killswitch’ via @cryptocoinsnews
via @cryptocoinsnews
「officials have now confirmed that it will open the network to fintech firms that process transactions across a blockchain network.」
Bank of England to Open New Payment System to Blockchain Users via @cryptocoinsnews
percent change1h (descending order)
$HWC 57.2%
$TX 46.29%
$KNDC 38.17%
$TRI 38.07%
$MEC 34.5%
$AVH 30.93%
$WT 26.99%
$TTC 26.01%
$WGR 23.64%
$SAGA 21.44%
$UTC 20.95%
$DUO 20.91%
$INSN 17.34%
$DXT 15.57%
$NOTE 13.14%
$FND 12.82%
$HPC 12.66%
$MOJO 11.66%
$YOC 11.03%
$GUESS 10.77%
Cryptocurrency Fraud Now Second Most Common Investment Scam in Australia: Watchdog via @cryptocoinsnews
Double Spend Attacks ‘Unrealistic’ on Blockchains with High Hashrate: Bank of Canada Research via @cryptocoinsnews
「Keeping track of the market cap of major coins , both in size and growth, and their volatility count for some of the primary risk metrics.」
G20 Nations Seek Cryptocurrency AML Regulation Standards by October 2018 via @cryptocoinsnews
「the partnership enabling them to test and build blockchain applications without having to code the entire platform themselves.」
Google Cloud Launches Blockchain Toolkit for App Developers via @cryptocoinsnews

Korean Crypto Giant Bithumb Eyes Japan and Thailand for Expansion via @cryptocoinsnews

U.S. Regulators Approve Coinbase Acquisitions, Enabling It to List Security Tokens via @cryptocoinsnews

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