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Watch extend their winning start at the #WAC2018 with victory over ! Are the Steel Roses genuine contenders?

Match Report:

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586: 承認済み名無しさん 2018/04/11(水) 21:22:11.88 ID:O3tDPsPg.net
We are different group here:
*We have a chat, were all the members can express theirselves, only thing that we don。ッt post the coin in chat, as there are also investors, who joins the chat only to Avoid pump coins, so we will not show them which are they!
*We are not dumping on other members! THIS IS THE MOST important rule
*We are not making FLASH pumps, we are pumping the coin in long term
*We are Cooperating with other groups also!
*We are listening what admins says to us!

And a basic question for everyone!
What amount are we talking about, you would like to invest, so we can calculate everything cearfuly (as i am asking this to every member who joins and don。ッt like to ask it public as maybe someone don。ッt want to tell it loud)? What time zone are you at?

181: 承認済み名無しさん 2018/04/08(日) 06:31:49.39 ID:VxtYpD/1.net
Dear XP Community,
As most of you know, XP was selected as one of the entries for the BitIndia community coin voting back in February.
With your help we secured our spot in the top 5 and were selected to be included on BitIndia’s platform once they opened.
The team was very excited about being selected and looking forward to being listed on an exchange in India.

A few days ago, we received word that BitIndia was requesting a payment to be added onto their exchanges.
While we understand most of the exchanges require payments to get a coin listed, we were under the impression that a “community vote” to get a coin listed would be done without any required fees.

After careful thought and discussions with other coins involved, the XP team has agreed to not pay any fees to BitIndia.
We understand some of you may question our decision, but we are not comfortable paying such a high amount to be listed on an exchange with no track record.
We would rather use those funds to help further progress our product and/or help get listed on well established and professional exchanges.

As a team, we don’t want to be associated with any business or service that takes advantage over others to gain attention.
We are extremely disappointed in how BitIndia has chosen to do business and hope that they will communicate with the coins that have been affected.
Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to sharing better news with you soon!


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