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Please visit this webpage and enter your details to complete your ETH Address registration for the previous airdrop. Note: Your ORME Deposit address will be the same as your ETH Deposit address.

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We have distributed the airdrops and events' rewards for last week. We will announce when the distribution is over. Please contact us via DM if you did not receive them after our announcement.
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507: 承認済み名無しさん 2018/06/27(水) 21:56:14.41
1) Initial snapshot was 06/27/2018, 02:00 UTC this is block 1120535

2) If you had any peepcoin wether it be in your personal wallet or on an exchange at the time of the snapshot above you will be eligible for a 1:1 swap for DAPS.

3) There will be another snapshot soon (Still pending) all coins here will be eligible for an airdrop of DAPS (the actual ratio is still pending although it will NOT be 1:1)

4) Yes you can still buy PCN now. But consider point 3.

5) there is still no official announcement of when the Swap or the Airdrop will happen. The team will make an announcement in the #Announcement channel once more information comes to hand

6) You should still stake your coins. The next snapshot(s) has not occured yet, when it does it will include any staked coins aswell.

7) Both the swap and the airdrop will be done manually to exclude the original devs wallet.

133: 承認済み名無しさん 2018/06/27(水) 18:37:20.36
Twitter 53秒前

After our last announcement,
the community was clear with what they wanted.
The DAPS-Peepcoin 'swap' will not be cancelled, but changed to airdrops. The 1st Peepcoin snapshot was 06/27/2018 0300
UTC. If you held Peepcoin before then, you've now got DAPS.

1回目のPeepcoinスナップショットは、06/27/2018 0300 UTCでした。



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